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Whitehat VPN

Totally Free

Fast and Stable Connection

Privacy Will Be Well-Protected

Servers Are Deployed Around The World

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Whitehat VPN Philosophy

Our app is designed to keep your internet world safe and private, prevent your ISP and government from spying on you and the wbsites you visit from identifying and tracking you, we are aim to provide a free and open internet world for all.

Whitehat VPN Philosophy


Why is Whitehat VPN free?

Whitehat VPN pay for your VPN service to freely surf the internet. In return, we would collect your leisure bandwidth to search the public web information, without any bother to your usage. Don't worry, the whole process is harmless.

Why is Whitehat VPN free


Does Whitehat VPN sell your personal information?

No! and we don't want any of your information. Your personal information will not be collected and it is well-protection, or we would be in jail.

Does Whitehat VPN sell your personal information


Network protection

cookie tracer will be block and there will be no trace when you browse the internet,your Real IP address is hidden, your network is under protected from network attack.

Network protection


Support multiple platforms

Whitehat VPN supports multiple devices and does not limit the number of devices you can use, no matter it is mobile, tablet, or computer.

Windows Mac Android Ios

Whitehat VPN Security Proxy
Product Introduction

Step 1:

Go to the download page and choose the platform

Step 2:

Download the Whitehat VPN and install it

Step 3:

Choose the fastest VPN server for you & surf the web safely!

Ultra-fast Servers In 105 Countries

For your privacy and security, we do not track or store your browing history, traffic destinations, data content, or DNS log.

Advantages Of Whitehat VPN

We have the same features as a paid VPN but we are free. We don't even need your email address and credit card to use it.


Whitehat VPN

rightFree to use
rightNo email address or account needed
right2000 Mbps average
rightSupport 100+ countries/regions
rightSupport multiple platforms
rightNo limit on the number of devices use


Paid to use (average 12.5 US dollars)
Need email address to register an account
2000 Mbps average
Support 100+ countries/regions
Support limited platforms
Support 6 devices at most

Easy To Use

For your privacy and security, we do not track or store logs of your browsing history traffic destinations, data content or DNS queries





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